A remarkable Indian black Nilgiri tea, dried apricot pieces and flavor combine to create a medium bodied smooth tea with a wonderfully fruity finish. Great
in the summertime, this tea is delicious both hot and iced.

Earl Grey
The citrus oil, bergamot flavors this blend of Nilgiri black Indian teas. The tea is named for Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey, who made it famous in the 1830s. This extremely popular blend is the perfect afternoon tea.

English Breakfast
A traditional and delicious blend of Indian black Nilgiri, Assam, and Ceylon teas. This full flavored, medium to full bodied diverse tea can stand alone or be served in the traditional English manner with milk and sugar.

Subtly sweet and refreshingly tropical, our Indian black Nilgiri tea flavored with passion fruit is delicious both hot and iced. This tea is perfect for those who are seeking a delicate fruit flavor.

Yunan Breakfast
A wonderful Chinese black tea with rich awakening flavors. Its invigorating fragrance and glossy red liquor offer a robust taste.

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